About the Hospital

Doctor Anna opened Family Animal Hospital because she wanted to create a hospital that felt like a second home, not only for her, but for her clients, their pets, and the Family Animal Hospital team. Everyone knows that veterinarians and the vet support staff are a very dedicated group of people, and it’s often a joke that they spend more time at work than with family. Because of this, Dr Anna wanted to create an environment that really did feel like a family, with a staff who not only works well together, but who love each other, and love what they do, and most importantly, who love your pets.

Dr. Anna and team treats all of their patients as if they are their own pets. We want our clients and their pets to feels like they are part of our family. The Family Animal Hospital staff is a talented, compassionate group who are incredibly dedicated to their career. Not only do they care deeply for your pet, but they enjoy going to work and are enthusiastic about helping animals. We focus on the needs of your individual pet, and we don’t apply a “one size fits all” attitude towards anything, whether it’s vaccines or a surgical protocol, we always tailor to fit the needs of you and your animals.

We know that not every patient loves us as much as we love them. It can be stressful to visit the doctor, but we want you to know that we have dedicated our lives to taking care of your pet, and we want your pet’s visit to be as calming as possible. We take our time, use positive reinforcement, treats, and various restraint techniques that work the best for your pet. Many patients, especially cats, are much more relaxed when they are handled minimally, or wrapped in a towel instead of being scruffed. Other patients respond much better to more directed, complete restraint, or distraction technique. Every animal is different, and we understand the need to treat them as their individual selves.

When you enter the doors of Family Animal Hospital, we want you, too, to relax. Dr. Anna and her staff extends the same kindness and compassion for their clients as they do their patients.  We know the stress of doctor visits don’t end with your pet- it’s often difficult for the pet owner to come to the vet! Sometimes the visits are unplanned, they might take longer than expected, sometimes it’s just hard to get away from your regular life, and when you add the worry of a sick pet- it can be a lot to handle! We want you, as well as your pet, to enjoy your visit to Family Animal Hospital.